Many people ask about authority structures within the house churches, how decisions are made and about the role of elders and other ministries. First in answer to the question who leads a house church? There should only be one answer, […]

Authority and decision making in house churches

Since beginning my new life as a Christian in 1972, much of my fellowship has been in the context of house churches. As Christians have sought a deeper reality in their spiritual lives, more and more folk have left traditional […]

Servant Leaders

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The Church in the House

In this section I want to give some idea of the variety of Relational Gatherings that it should be possible to find in a local church area. This is not meant to be an exclusive list in any way, as […]

Types of Simple Church

The key to Organic/House/Relational gathering growth are the leaders, their openness, giftedness, brokenness, and willingness to serve without self-interest. You will notice immediately that the majority of these are character traits. Nearly all leadership problems in the church can be […]

Leadership Dynamics within an organic Church

As I work more than anything else in the area of Church planting and development, I have often been asked by others working in the field to spell out how one could plant a new House Church Network.   This […]

The Apostolic Planting of Simple Church Networks

So, how would such a church work? (Part 5) If we first look at an HC started from scratch, then later we can look more closely at how a traditional church or cell church can be transformed into a HC. […]

So, how would such a church work?

Where is the Church going-Part 4 Is there a way ahead? The undoubted answer is yes. As I said at the beginning, I believe whole heartedly that the “cell church lobby” have heard the heart of God for His church […]

Is there a way ahead?

Where is the Church going part 3 Stresses that cause cell churches to fail: 1)        It’s a system and these sorts of systems are like straightjackets for the Spirit of God. God is constantly renewing and refreshing the church, yet […]

Stresses that cause cell churches to fail