So, how would such a church work? (Part 5) If we first look at an HC started from scratch, then later we can look more closely at how a traditional church or cell church can be transformed into a HC. […]

So, how would such a church work?

Where is the Church going-Part 4 Is there a way ahead? The undoubted answer is yes. As I said at the beginning, I believe whole heartedly that the “cell church lobby” have heard the heart of God for His church […]

Is there a way ahead?

Where is the Church going part 3 Stresses that cause cell churches to fail: 1)        It’s a system and these sorts of systems are like straightjackets for the Spirit of God. God is constantly renewing and refreshing the church, yet […]

Stresses that cause cell churches to fail

Where is the Church going?  Part 2 What is a Cell-Church? In his excellent book “The Second Reformation”, William A. Beckham provides an overview of what is a cell-church. As I am sure that I cannot improve upon his work, […]

What is a Cell-Church?

Lets start talking about where the Church is going.  This is part one of a series of excerpt from my book “Organic House Churches and Healing Communities”. In this article and the following ones you will find great resources for […]

So you want to start a Jesus Gathering?

A great article from some of our most favorite people at Jesus Life Together.  CAN you imagine someone in AD 31 coming up to Jesus and asking Hi Jesus, when and where do you meet? so as to schedule Him […]

Where and when do you meet?

In Jewish biblical exegesis there is an overriding principle called in Hebrew DIYUQ / דיוק. An English translation of this word would be something along the lines of “exactitude.” This principle is seen in how the Prophets, Jesus, the Apostles, […]

Called to be a Pastor? Nonsense! Choose Wisely

I have never seen this expressed so well We must not just attend something and say some words. We must stop just sitting like little robots in chairs listening to someone give a speech. We must truly be involved in […]

We can not just attend

Sometimes, we might think we don’t have enough power or importance to really bring any change to the world. Our guest, Keith Smith, shows us why that is not true, and how we can easily serve those around us. Keith […]

Comfort the Burnt-out: How to be a Teddy Bear in ...

  Everyone who looks does not see. Everyone who hears does not listen. What are we looking for? What is it that we need to see? What would God reveal to us? There is but one desire of God for […]

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