Since beginning my new life as a Christian in 1972, much of my fellowship has been in the context of house churches. As Christians have sought a deeper reality in their spiritual lives, more and more folk have left traditional […]

Servant Leaders

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The Church in the House

In this section I want to give some idea of the variety of Relational Gatherings that it should be possible to find in a local church area. This is not meant to be an exclusive list in any way, as […]

Types of Simple Church

As I work more than anything else in the area of Church planting and development, I have often been asked by others working in the field to spell out how one could plant a new House Church Network.   This […]

The Apostolic Planting of Simple Church Networks

So, how would such a church work? (Part 5) If we first look at an HC started from scratch, then later we can look more closely at how a traditional church or cell church can be transformed into a HC. […]

So, how would such a church work?