Some years ago I wrote an article “a House divided” (read it here). It examined some of the divisions that exist in today’s Church. As part of the house church movement (also known as simple church/ missional church or organic […]

Objective Biblical Truth -v- Existential Lies

For well over 40, reaching out to marginalized people has been an important part of my Christian life. Luke 4:16 & 17 says, “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news […]

Ministering to the Marginalized

There is much going on in the Body of Christ today that is exciting but also ought to cause us to move in Christ with discernment and wisdom. I am excited by the brothers and sisters who are discovering new […]

Jesus Gatherings are Relational-

If we are going to be a relational community, it will entail that we not forsake becoming a redemptive community. The example is set for us within the Godhead, where we see the mutual relationship between the Father, the Son […]

Jesus Gatherings are Redemptive-

In recent months on social media there have been serious discussions about how we come to Christ and grow in Him. We are all familiar with what has been called the great commission. I want to look at both that […]

A Fresh look at discipleship

  Recently a major Christian magazine, led with and article titled “What is the Holy Spirit Saying to His People?”. The article gave the opinions of various church leaders as to their answer to that question. Interestingly enough the editor did […]

Hearing the Lord