Objective Biblical Truth -v- Existential Lies

Some years ago I wrote an article "a House divided" (read it here). It examined some of the divisions that exist in today's Church. As part of the house church movement (also known as simple church/ missional church or organic church) I have become increasingly aware of a deep divide that is growing in the church today, and especially in the House/Simple/Missional/Organic churches, between those who follow a clear biblical path and others to steer a more existential course. Most would not have any serious argument against those who would seek to put the Bible first when it comes to the Christian life or the Church. However some have claimed either that the Bible is not a reliable source, or have taken the strange, existential position, that the "indwelling Christ" and one's personal, subjective opinion is more authoritative than the Bible. These folk tend to excuse sin, believing that all sin past, present and future is forgiven (whether the sin was repented of or not), at the point when a person comes to Christ. This position of going beyond the normal understanding of grace, has become known as "Hyper grace". It's refutationis summed up in Paul's letter to the Romans 6:1. We cannot change the Word of God to agree with our pet doctrines. If our lives do not live up with the Word of God, Its clear that there is only one thing that needs to change and it's not the Word of God! Let us repent from going our own way, follow Jesus and live for Him. Next time we will look at this more in depth Keith Smith
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