The House Church Update

THE HOUSE CHURCH UPDATE Eat, meet, gossip the Gospel and multiply House church, also called Simple church or Organic church etc., is where the original Ecclesia, the called out people gathered to break bread, share the Gospel and multiply. For example:
  • The Day of the Pentecost, is the birthday of the Ecclesia, when 3000 souls were baptized. They met in homes and multiplied daily in numbers daily. Acts 2:41; 47
  • When Peter was in Jail, the ecclesia gathered in the house of Mary, the mother of Mark, and prayed with one accord until he was released. Acts 12:12
  • Cornelius the Centurion and his colleagues were baptized both in the Holy Spirit as well as water, in his house in the army barracks. Acts 10:44-47
  • Lydia, Phoebe, Priscilla, Apphia, Nympha were all house church facilitators.
  • Paul shared the whole wisdom of God from house to house. Acts 20:20,27
  • Paul greeted the ecclesia that met in the house of Pricilla and Aquila. 1 Cor. 16:19
  • The Holy Spirit fell on all the disciples when they were in a house. Acts 2:1-3
  • Jesus broke bread and ate the Last Supper in the house of Mary the mother of Mark. Soon breaking of bread spread to many the houses in Jerusalem. Mark 14:14
Shalom......Victor Choudhrie

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