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Pop-up Prayer Room

We have a lot going on this year
We would like to ask for your help with a new project. As some of you know, Jeanne's focus has always been prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare.  Recently we saw something that stirred us up and we want to bring to Germany. A group who work with university students in the Netherlands have converted a van into a Popup Prayer Room.  Thanks to Edwin Hamelink and  24-7Prayer NL for the photos and the inspiration...Check this out! We absolutely love this idea! We want to be able to do this  in Germany.  We are in the process of writing a proposal for the costs.  We are looking for used vans that we would be able to convert. We can get a suitable used van for around 9 to 11,000 euros. We are open to just about anything as long it it has one solid wall, it can be converted. There are so many possibilities.At the moment, we know from the group currently doing this that the cost of conversion would be about 2,000 to 2,500 euros.  We would also need about € 500 for license, taxes and insurance, although that is an estimate because we would not know until we actually purchase the van.  There would also be the normal monthly running costs.We would look at doing weekly markets in various locations, festivals and prayer events, anything really. We would also like to make it available to other groups.  We want to encourage people to start Jesus Gatherings (relational church), as well as encouraging churches and independent groups to set up their own permanent prayer rooms. Do you have any suggestions or ideas that might help us? We want to hear them. Do you know any groups that might want to sponsor a project like this? Let us know. We need all the help and connections we can get. If you want more information feel free to contact us!

In Other News

We are also planning to be part of a 2 week missions trip with a group from the UK who will be working in Mecklenberg-Vorpemmen in June this summer.  Since we are in Germany there will not be much travel expense but we will still need about 700€ for that trip. If you can help us with this project, you can donate using the link  paypal.me/JesusGathering If you have any questions or if we can pray for you in any way, please feel free to contact us. Many Blessings, Keith (and Jeanne)

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