Christmas Update 2018

December, 2018

Dear friends,

     As many of you know 2018 has been a year of devastating lows and a few amazing highs for me.  November 27th marked 10 months since my best friend and soul mate graduated to heaven. I am gradually coming to terms with my loss and grief. I am being gently lead forward by the Holy Spirit.  During this time, I have made some amazing new connections. The day Keith went to heaven, God used our friend Kevin in Spain to connect me to a discipleship/house church network in Germany.  What an amazing bunch of God lovers they are.  They have helped me through some very tough times.


   Next, I want to tell you about an amazing ministry Keith and I  met a few weeks before his graduation to heaven. Sherry Pogue and her ministry Restored and Renewed is focused on helping missionaries and have recently bought a house in France to use as a place for rest and recuperation for missionaries.  Keith and I had been getting help and counsel from Sherry for a few weeks before Keith went to heaven.   After I had finished all the formalities regarding Keith’s death, Sherry came and got me.  I spent 8 days with them in France.  Sherry and Heather were such a blessing to me.  I was in complete shock. I was able to just rest and pray and grieve. I have no idea what I would have done, had I been alone.  Good or bad, the things that happen in those times are forever etched in your memory and I will be eternally grateful to Sherry, as well as Graham and Heather Sutherlin.


     Keith and I had planned to go with 24-7 Prayer on a mission trip to northern Germany in June.  The Lord spoke to me to go on my own.  It was an amazing time where God reminded me of so many of my gifts and callings.  I was privileged to get to know the Polylux community, another amazing bunch of Jesus lovers, and 5 other amazing young adults from Scotland and Ireland.  Most of them under 30. All of them on fire for Jesus!  If I had not already known it, I would have thought God was raising up an army of young people!!  You can read more about that trip here Beauty for Ashes, Germany mission 2018


     In August I went to the U.K. to scatter Keith’s ashes.  In the end, we placed them in the memorial garden of the church where he first preached and ministered in his hometown of Woolwich in south London.  I was so grateful to have the love and support of Fraser and Susan Pick.  I also got to meet some of Keith’s family and old school friends.  It was a good but very hard time.


     For my birthday in October, I went to Vienna to be part of the 24-7 Prayer International conference.  That was another amazing time of God speaking and healing.  I made many new connections from all over Europe.  I also had the chance to reconnect with some of the wonderful folks from the summer missions team.


     In the in-between times, I have tried to focus on praying and hearing God for my next steps. Being on my own has been very hard, but I have had a small group of faithful prayers that have stood with me.

     I still have many major decisions to make. Do I stay in Germany? Do I go back to the United States? or go to another country? Do I continue to do missionary work or something else that God may lead me in too.  These decisions are still very difficult.

     I know that I want to continue building community and support church planters who are using the simple church model to make disciples all over the world. How that looks for me going forward, is beginning to become a bit clearer, but I still want a team I can work with.

     In the coming months, I want to start actively seeking to connect with other ministries that I may be able to help.

     I am currently considering several options for moving forward. I a thinking about joining the Last Reformation Luke 10 school in Denmark, in January 2019. I have also talked with working community in the U.K. about being with them for a year and there are 2 other possible sabbatical places in the U.K.  There are also several ministries I could possibly work with, but I really need a time of healing first.  I am also talking to several missions organizations about working with them in the future.  I do not want to work alone, so I am looking for a missions organization or group to work with.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Regardless, I do not feel I can stay in the town I am in.  Moving will be a big step, but it is needed.  I need to be part of a community, not on my own.

As I go forward, I need people who will partner with me in prayer and financial support.

Here’s how to partner with me:

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Just for fun, a friend asked me to set up an Amazon wish list, so if Amazon is your thing, you can my list find here:  Jeanne's Christmas wishlist


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Have a very Blessed and wonderful Christmas