God did amazing things in Portsmouth!

Just getting started was a challenge. Omal and Kaspars invited Mathias to come from Denmark at the last minute. His ticket was paid and in a few moments it was all settled. Then his first flight was canceled and when he arrived in London Friday morning, after the 2nd flight, he was held by immigration for an hour. He used that hour to share the gospel with the immigration officers. They did ask why he was in England πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰

When he finally arrived, he shared on healing the sick and Luke 10 with great insight. It was such a powerful blessing to have him with us!!

Out on the street Friday, many had never approached people or prayed on the street. One team asked a lady if she needed prayer and she said “oh yes, I was just crying out to God yesterday” She had lung and heart problems, and a dangerously high heart rate that required many medications. She had to carry a pulse meter to check her heart rate. After prayer, she checked her heart rate  and it was a normal 74 as opposed to the 115 to 120 it had been. She came back to the church with the ladies she met, heard the gospel, repented and returned on Saturday to be baptized.

Other teams prayed for many folks and saw numerous healings.
Also people receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues for the first time. One lady came up to ask for prayer for a physical problem, she had already been baptised at a previous Kickstarter. All of a sudden the Holy Spirit revealed other things, she didn’t expect it at all, she was set free and started speaking in tongues for the first time, Hallelujah πŸ™Œ

After Kaspars shared the gospel, many realized they had been christians for a long time, but never fully repented or been baptized on their own faith.

A couple of others have been baptised, received some freedom, but are a work in progress, not speaking in tongues yet, and will need follow up care.

One of our hosts said to me ” in 24 hours I have preached the Gospel, prayed for healing, gotten baptised myself, baptized 3 other people  and cast out demons for the first time”
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ THAT is being “kickstarted”πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Another lady repented and was baptized, then was shocked to learn she could baptize people too. She baptized 3 orher ladies.

So in the end more than 12 people got baptised even 2 strangers from the street were baptized, filled with the spirit spoke tongues.

Another man who came and heard  Kaspars share the gospel and was baptised
  He returned the next day and testified that he has turned from new age and occult and that “everything he did has died now”. He also explained that he rents a warehouse and grows weed (marijuana)
After his baptism he felt compelled and like it was right to chop down
Β£15, 000  worth of weed that was 2 weeks away from being ready to sell. He has 8 bags of it ready to dispose of.
He had spent months building this business and getting the equipment, but now he said Monday he will completely dismantle his whole operation and find another business.

There was so much! Several struggling with addictions like alcohol, drugs and pornography repented, were baptized and felt freedom.

Now I am off to the Netherlands for more adventures.

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