From Sunny Spain to Cornwall to Plymouth….

Last week was spent with some wonderful disciples in southern Spain. Andrew and Hannah from the U.K. and from our host church in La Linea. Although it was not really a “kickstart” it was a great time of blessing a church in southern Spain and praying for people on the streets.

On the streets we prayed for a lady with chronic back pain and when all the pain left her, her 3 sisters wanted prayer too. All of them were healed. Then one asked us to pray for her 8 year old daughter who had stomach pain and was not eating. When we prayed she said the pain was gone.

On Sunday we went to the beach with our host church to baptize several new believers.

On the street in Gibraltar we spent 2 days sharing the gospel and praying. We met a beautiful lady who has been badly abused and is now homeless (and who I am still trying to help) and shared the gospel with her as others listened. Andrew prayed for a lovely Spanish lady who has had a spinal cord injury and shared the gospel with her.

Off to Cornwall

After a couplr days rest in London, I was off to Cornwall to help with outreach at festival I was told about while in Wales.

I was hosted by Alison, a lovely lady I met in Wales. After 2 days of wind and rain we had beautiful sunshine on Saturday.

Angela, who “used to be a Christian” overheard us talking to a fellow choir-member in the church cafe and asked for prayer for chronic face pain. It went (and some other stuff as well 😩) Thank You Jesus πŸŽΆπŸŽΆβ€¦and then, while we were worshipping before going out another choir member came over and said Angela told her we were praying for healing 😊. She was instantly healed.
On the street we were joined by Lindsay who carries a cross all over the U.K. We prayed for several people. Many seeking something, but not sure what. Tom (20) “being drawn to Jesus by the Father” came up to Lindsay who was carrying the cross. He listened long…so did his 2 brothers 😊. Bruce, also had a long talk with Lindsay. Please pray for them all to stop into the Kingdom πŸ™ Jo was contacted through a word of knowledge. Very open spiritually and already in touch with Christians in Extinction Rebellion. When Jo receives Jesus as her Lord and Saviour πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺthen look out Satan!!😩 Her husband Chris was earwigging πŸ™πŸ™ We also prayed for another lively lady who had a spinal cord injury and is believing for complete healing. Dozens of others heard the Good News of Jesus in St Just yesterday…

Now off to Plymouth and Portsmouth

This week I am in Plymouth. On Thursday my friend and I are off to Portsmouth for a kickstart. Go here to find out how to join us in Portsmouth.

After that, I have no idea yet what God’s plan is.πŸ˜€ but I am sure it will be good!

I would appreciate your continued agreement in prayer for:

  • Upcoming kickstarts and other ministry
  • A deeper relationship with the Father
  • The clarity for future ministry
  • New divine connections
  • Place and time for rest and restoration
  • A place I can call home and use as a base
  • Building/Property for a community
  • Finances to do what the Lord is calling to me to do.

If I can pray for you or help in anyway or if your interested in have a kickstart or house church weekend, please get in touch by going to the contact page

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Many Blessing,