December, 2018 Dear friends,      As many of you know 2018 has been a year of devastating lows and a few amazing highs for me.  November 27th marked 10 months since my best friend and soul mate graduated to […]

Christmas Update 2018

Half Grace I came across this on Facebook, and thought it was too good to ignore. It illustrates two common problems in our understanding of grace. So I’m sharing it here, with you. Losing our Way Many Christians have lost […]

Half Grace

  In the last section I spoke about how we should apply the truth to those who need healing, but the question is where do we find the truth of God? The Majority of counselling methods concentrate on the subjective […]

The Objective – Subjective debate

Recently, I have been talking to people about how Citywide churches network together.  This is a teaching Keith did at a house church gathering in Germany.  I think it gives some clarification about how relational church networks should function.   […]

New Testament Networking

City Wide Church (Robert Fitts)  intimacy with Christ and a return to simplicity     Jesus said, “I will build my church.” The church that Jesus builds is a simple church.  One person has explained it this way: “The work of […]

The City Wide Church